Making good quality mold tools and product is JBR mission. Our quality process starts from the very beginning of product analysis to final package. ISO9001:2008quality standard is strictly implemented in every process detail of mold building to guarantee the highest quality whilst shortening production cycle to meet and exceed customer’s requirement.

Structure of quality:

Main Quality Control:

■  Mold design control

■  Incoming material quality control with origin certificate

■  Mold steel dimension control

■  Machining in-process inspection

■  Heat treating with certification;

■  Electrode / sample / mold inspection

■  Mold pre-assembly inspection

■  Tool trial data record

■  Final inspection before shipment

■  Mold maintenance

■  Complete and traceable documentation

■  Mold using feedback report

Main Suppliers:

Oil cylinder:

Mold base:


Standard components:

Hot runner: