Insert molding

 Case Study    |      2017-02-20

Design and development

Case of insert molding
|—Multi-metals insert over mold
|—Complicated insert fixation
|—Difficult fill with hot runner
|—Perfect metals insert fixation
|—Extremely short cycle time

Customer : Audi
Part size: 127.97X229.85X151.72MM
Part material: PA66+30%GF/metals insert
Cavity Number: 1x1
Cycle time: 45S
Design time: 6 work days
Manufacture time: 40 work days
Manufacture date: 2014.01

Molding structural description steps:

1. Putting the metals part in the core by machine robot;
2. Fixing metals part by outside slider and lifter;
3. Closed the mold before to ensure metals assembly stability by inductive switch;
4. And also take off the part in the mold by machine robot.