Key Factors in Successful Mold Making

 Industry News    |      2017-08-23

The success and precision of a part depends on the quality of its mold, but building a reliable, long-lasting tool can take a considerable amount of time — and requires a great deal of accuracy. Also, molds are often one the largest capital investments in a project, so it’s critical that tooling is built right the first time around. This is particularly important in high-volume injection molding projects, where molds can be extremely complex.

Below are some important parameters to keep in mind when building a mold to ensure optimal quality and reliability.

What Makes a Good Mold?

A high-quality, precision-engineered mold that is built to last can be an excellent investment for your company. The best plastic injection molds feature all of the following characteristics:

  • Good design and engineering
  • High-quality stainless steel mold bases and cavities for optimal performance and durability
  • Manufactured on modern equipment with the capability for precise machining
  • Accurately crafted with attention to high standards and tight tolerances
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By Aileen

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