HP printer part

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HP printer injection mold

Product Description

Plastic Material: ABS
Cavity No. 1*1
Cavity & Core steel: H13
Mold Base steel: P20
Finish request:Polish 800#
Gate type: Hot runner
Mold components :DME
Design Software:UG
Mould Life:1,000,000 shots
Lead Time:40 days
Payment Terms:T/T , 
Packaging Wooden:Cases
Transportation:FOB Shenzhen by sea 
Export Country: Canada
Packaging & Delivery
For mold: After assemble and clear mold, we paint anti-rust fog or grease on mold, then cover it with thin film and place it into a stable wooden box. 
For plastic product: the first thing is to wrap each part up with semi-transparent thin foam and put it into plastic bag, the second step is place them into cartons with thin sponge plates to prevent scratches. Or as per your request.
Delivery:  1 week